Music at St Bartholomew's, Vowchurch

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St Bartholomew's is fortunate to have a modern electronic church organ (Wyvern model "Prelude") installed in 2008 thanks to a bequest. It has a single, five-octave keyboard, with a good range of stops and facilities. Those who have heard it are impressed with its tonal quality. We have a team of local organists who each have their inimitable style and provide music for most of our services.

Our informal services may sometimes be accompanied by recorder and guitar.

There is also a Bechstein upright piano, built in Berlin at the end of the 19th century and donated to the church by one of the parishioners some years ago.

Vowchurch is also the base for the "Golden Valley Chimes", who meet regularly through the year to play a variety of light, classical and sacred music on a three-octave set of Schulmerich melody chimes. They perform at the annual Christmas carol services in Vowchurch and Turnastone.

Finally, although rarely used, we have the harmonium formerly installed in the old Baptist chapel at Peterchurch.


old picture Peterchurch baptist chapel

Peterchurch baptist chapel at harvest festival in 1903, with the Rev. Joseph Beard. The harmonium is on the preacher's left.


[L] The harmonium now located in St Bartholomew's, Vowchurch.