Finding Common Ground

Tyberton Spirituality Talks 2020

The "Tyberton Talks" are a series of reflections for the season of Lent. They have been going for a number of years with great success and are held in St Mary's Church, Tyberton situated approximately 9 miles South West of Hereford on the B4352 that eventually leads to Hay on Wye. The proceeds from each service go towards the upkeep of this beautiful and fascinating church.

A Kinder Place: Resilience in a time of change and chaos

The Tyberton Talks endeavour to create a space for seeking common ground between people of different faiths and none; a forum for exploring what faith traditions and spiritual practice can contribute positively to the contemporary situation. It is an opportunity to inspire conversation, relationship, learning and unlearning, accompanied by music, poetry and silence. Ash Wednesday, February 26th, will be marked with a lament for the fragility of the human and non-human community using poetry and ritual.

The dates, are all on a Wednesday at 7.30pm at St Mary’s Church, Tyberton:

February 26: Simon Lockett:

Resilience: A Christian perspective: with the Karim Devotional Singers and an Ash Wednesday ritual.

March 4: Pete Hulme:

Insights on resilience from the Bahá’í Faith: with the Karim Devotional Singers.

March 11: Eddi and Manu Song:

Facilitators of the work that reconnects: Contemporary, Buddhist inspired teachings for strengthening hope and resilience. Manu will provide our music.

March 16: the remaining talks have been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic


March 18: Brian Holley:

Looking at the roots not the symptoms of our contemporary crisis, based on Eastern Literature and Quaker influences: with the Karim Devotional Singers.

March 25: Imam Soyhab:

Resilience and Islam: with the Karim Devotional Singers.

April 1: Revd Rachel Parkinson:
Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury Methodist District

A Creative Approach to Community Resilience: with organ, hymns and songs.

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