Madley "Summer" Fayre, June 2009

(though you'd never have known it from the weather!)

Following two weekends that really made us think summer was here, we had a day when the heavens opened and several events had to be cancelled, but nevertheless several hundred people came and seemed to enjoy themselves well enough.

We had the usual array of events - cakes, plants, toys, tombola, and various games. Sadly the tug-o'-war had to be cancelled for health and safety reasons because of the wet ground (no, it wasn't because the Madley team were scared of losing!) but it means you can all start thinking about your teams for next year. We also had to cancel the Classic Cars, and the Cannons, but we were treated to a team from Hereford & Worcester Fire Service (complete with fire engine), and some alpacas. Seeing the fire engine, and smoke coming out of the porch (from the barbecue actually!), at least one person thought there was a fire in the church and came in out of curiosity, so I suppose you could say we resort to rather unusual forms of advertising / persuasion ("Go out into the highways and byways and compel them to come in....").

Our thanks go to everyone who helped mount this event, and to all who came and took part.

These pictures may give you an idea of some of the fun.












Photos by Peter Sebborn